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The complete solution of CBSE NCERT Textbooks

What is†††††† with CBSE?

†††† CCE >> Continuous and Comprehensive

†† Evaluation refers to a system of school based

†† assessment that covers all aspects of

†† studentís development.

>>† CCE helps in reducing stress of students by

>Identifying learning progress of students

†† at††††† regular time intervals on small

†† portions of content.

>Employing a variety of remedial measures of

†† teaching based on learning needs and

†† potential of different students.

>Desisting from using negative comments on

†† the learnerís performance.

>Encouraging learning through employment of

†† a variety of teaching aids and techniques.

†† Involving learners actively in the learning

†† process.





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†††††††† Mathematics

1. Matter in Our Surroundings

†††††††† Science†† ††>>

2. Is Matter Around Us Pure

†††††††† Social Science

3. Atoms and Molecules

†††††††† English

4. Structure of the Atom


5. The Fundamental Unit of Life


6. Tissues


7. Diversity in Living Organisms


8. Motion


9. Force and Laws of Motion


10. Gravitation


11. Work and Energy


12. Sound


13. Why Do We Fall Ill


14. Natural Resources


15. Improvement in Food Resources

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